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About Me

Passionate Industrial Engineer residing in Istanbul, Turkey. Graduated from Istanbul Bilgi University in '16 and did my thesis on Sales Force Effectiveness (SFE) in health sector. I got employed by one of the top companies in Turkey to start my career as Medical Sales and Marketing Representative shortly after my graduation, and now am working as Business Development Specialist at CEOTECH; family-oriented enterprise focused on digital branding, marketing and management.

I consider myself an avid tennis fan; have continuously been playing and watching tennis since 2003. Got my acceptance to the peformance group in 2006 and had  played in Taç Spor Tenis until I had to pause in 2011 due to my preperations for OSYM. I, also, was appointed to the Tennis Team Captain position in Marmara High during my five-year high-school term. Tennis is an irreplacable hobby in my daily life, and I keep playing at least two days in a week to stay fit. 

Here, I share my hobby with anyone who is interested in tennis to the fullest extent. So, welcome to my page and I hope you enjoy your stay!