About Me

Passionate Industrial Engineer residing in Istanbul, Turkey. Graduated from Istanbul Bilgi University in '16 and did my thesis on Sales Force Effectiveness (SFE) in pharmaceutical industry. I got employed by one of the top companies in Turkey to start my career as Medical Sales Representative shortly after my graduation, however I'm now looking for different career opportunities.

I consider myself an avid tennis fan; have continuously been playing and watching tennis since 2003. Got my acceptance to the peformance group in 2006 and had  played in Taç Spor Tenis until I had to pause in 2011 due to my preperations for OSYM. I, also, was appointed to the Tennis Team Captain position in Marmara High during my five-year high-school term. Tennis is an irreplacable hobby in my daily life, and I keep playing at least two days in a week to stay fit. 

Here, I share my hobby with anyone who is interested in tennis to the fullest extent. So, welcome to my page and I hope you enjoy your stay!